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IVR Services

IVR is also known as Integrated Voice Response which helps the computer to interact with the humans through the voice and tones with the help of keyboard.
Inbound IVR Services: It is used for automated calling answering process. The common use of IVR is call routing.
Outbound IVR Services: It is used for notifying customers about order status, shipment status and payment received.

IVR Solution for Business

B M Infotech is the leading name in the sphere of IVR solutions and formed a position for itself by rewarding thousands of customers over the past years. IVR Services are the most affordable business receptionist that actively engages your customers. IVR Marketing in India helps you to strengthen your customer care and saves your money as well. If it is done right, it keeps everyone happy with the services.

Benefits of IVR Services:

  • It can effectively handle all the business calls from the customers.
  • It gives benefits to all the customers with best solutions.
  • Professionally developed IVR's are cost effective so it reduces business cost.
  • It provides unlimited customer access.
  • It is easy and accessible.
  • It provides better customer services to its clients.
  • It has wider personalization.
  • It creates company's brand image.
  • It increases customer satisfaction.