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Our Technology Expertise

In a fast changing world where expertise can be defined in many different ways, B M Infotech defines domain expertise as knowledge, experience and competence that have been acquired through a consistent track record of successful projects accomplished in various domain areas.

Our Domain Expertise

B M Infotech's technological domain is stretch over various platforms, languages and databases. We remain up-to-date with information of every minute technical development around the globe. The experts at B M Infotech always have a keen eye on technological advancements. Being technically sound is what B M Infotech is and is what makes B M Infotech different from others.
B M Infotech delivers solutions to help clients to increase productivity of their IT initiatives. We implement the most advanced, highly efficient, high-end computer techniques and best suitable computer languages to develop our client’s applications, For this purpose we develop a strategic approach to be conscious of the latest and In-Demand technologies of the market.
With detailed understanding on specific domains we effectively address our client's concerns, and in many cases, even actually help our clients better define their problems. Through efficient technologies, we use knowledge to effectively address our clients' problems.
Our approach is to utilize a team of domain experts to work collaboratively to meet the client's product specifications and designs.

Technological Expertise on:

  • PHP / MySQL
  • ASP.Net Technologies
  • Java / J2EE / Java Servlets
  • Wordpress / Magento
  • Joomla / Drupal
  • Android & IOS Application
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Jquery & Bootstrap
  • Desktop Application Software
  • Digital Marketing (SEO / SMO)


In each of our domain areas, B M Infotech have well-established teams, validated processes and efficient business analysts who have an in-depth understanding of the processes in the specific functional areas.