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B M Infotech provide comprehensive web services ranging from custom website design/development and business support services.

Web Design

We create and design a website that not only satiates the aesthetic sense of your target audience, but also drives relevant web traffic and generates increased conversions. Based on your core business operations, products and services, we develop a web design concept that goes well with the brand image. We research about your target audience, designing and developing a website that highlights the needs and how your business or brand can meet such requirements.
Our expert website designers in B M Infotech will put together their creativity and uniqueness with a vast color palette to offer comprehensive web design services, considering diverse facets of website designing, and developing conversion-friendly website design.

Web Development

In the ever-evolving digital world today, importance of web application development is paramount for businesses. Today, more and more people browse the internet to learn what, where and how to buy, in addition to constant exposure to loads of information online.
B M Infotech is very enthusiastic to work on the development that is why we always serve best. We expertise in providing cost-effective customized software solutions that help enterprises to resolve their technical hurdles and improvise our solutions to flourish their business. We provide user-friendly, responsive, development of great designs. Using PHP and it's frameworks for web and mobile development.

Mobile Apps

The world is getting changed into mobile. People switching to mobile for website browsing and mobile app for entertainment. The world is using mobile more than computers. Mobile is easy to carry anywhere, also easy to use. If we have application in the mobile for related work like booking the flight ticket, booking restaurants, booking movie ticket, we do not need to go anywhere not only this much even we can pay by mobile to keep banking app in the mobile.
B M Infotech understood the value of mobile and decided to make people's business easy to provide best mobile application development to the business, leading to business grow automatically with the mobile user's number around the world.

SEO Optimization

In online business promotion business spread broadly and and reach globally. It is a residual and continuity effect in the market because it is all-hour based marketing service. A big advantage of this type of marketing is its cost-effectiveness and time-effectiveness as well. As it is a online promotion hence it is very convenient, easy to advertising to target markets with quick service delivery. We use SEO(Search engine optimization) and SMO(Social media optimization) for online promotion.
We marketing your business over the Internet, to consider is the online visibility business. To let potential clients know about products and services, business has to be placed in such a way that they can find you easily.

Business Support Services

Enterprise Resource Planning

We study your business flow, understand feature requirements and build custom web application to run your business efficiently. It reduces process time, save money on manpower & easy to access from anywhere.

CMS Development & Customization

Content Management System Development (with Admin Control), for example: Job Website, Matrimonial Website, Fitness trainer portal, Real Estate Portal, Travel & Holiday Booking, Hotel website, Crowd Funding, Classified, Crowd Sourcing, etc.

Server Support/Maintanence

Server is a process to deliver data to other (client) computers over a local network or the internet. The process is to works as highly or can say largely to deliver data, because for small data delivery there are many softwares in the industry.